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Reach Thousands of Cannapreneurs in Minutes.

Introduce your brand, products, services, and real estate listings to the fastest-growing industry in the country.

Though technology is smarter than ever, it can feel impossible to reach your target audience of professional cannabis industry professionals. 

From Instagram and Facebook to Google +, twitter and SEO, there's a ton of noise vying for people's attention right now... 

Which is exactly why we created 420 Businesses.

This is the premier marketplace designed by service providers for service-providers within the cannabis/marijuana industry.

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By utilizing effective strategies that have proven to work time and time again, we connect your business with the cannabis entrepreneurs who need it most

420 Businesses was built out of a need...

Businesses that want to help cannabis entrepreneurs succeed can run into roadblock after roadblock trying to reach their target audience

Fortunately, through years of work, we refined a winning strategy enabling us to connect with and help a huge number of entrepreneurs, within specific locations, who have industry-specific needs. 

And now, we point that targeted traffic at you to help your business grow.

Your Profile, Your Voice.

By setting up your profile at 420 Businesses, you're enabling an entire industry of Cannabis entrepreneurs to know that they can count on your business to meet their needs. 

Now, take it a step further and show your commitment to assisting the growth of this industry by elevating what you do to TOP SHELF status. 

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Reach Your Targeted Audience. 

Your business will be featured in the Preferred Partners homepage category and shown specifically to cannabusiness owners near you.

Effortlessly Tell Your Story.

Share what your business does & why you're the best at what you do through your business profile.

Shine Through The Crowd.

Gain significantly more exposure with your business in the “Featured Businesses.”

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Create UNLIMITED featured products, services and real estate listings with an ELITE account.

Stand Out Above The Rest. 

A gold TOP SHELF banner will highlight your business and ALL your products, services and real estate listings.

Make it Look Good.

As an ELITE user, you can add up to 10 photos of your business, really bringing your story to life.

Get Social.

Send, receive and reply to messages from other 420 Businesses users, right within your account.

Check The Metrics.

You can't value what you can't measure so, every business profile comes equipped with view and interaction statistics built into the dashboard.

Shoot For The Stars. 

Everyone knows that reviews matter more now than ever. Perform your best & show it with public reviews on your account.

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Create your business profile

Unlimited non-featured product listings

Up to 3 photos of your business 

Send, receive & reply to messages

Public reviews on your account

Rank in the Most Visited Places category



Everything in the ELITE account, AND: 

Reach The Most Cannapreneurs Possible.

- Every month, our team will craft featured & sponsored blog posts that share your company, area of business, products, or services with thousands of cannabis entrepreneurs around the world 

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- We'll share your business with our highly-targeted and engaged list through email newsletter features

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