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We are an elite team of real estate professionals with experience in land use, zoning, sensitive uses, and all the other nuances of commercial real estate in the cannabis industry.

Our goal is to ensure that the clients we work with understand the intricacies of each deal that are associated with selling, leasing or purchasing real estate for cannabis uses.

Use our site to search for 420 cannabis properties.

Our staff works diligently to ensure that the properties that have been CREC Certified™ are zoned correctly in accordance with local ordinances or municipal codes and any applicable state restrictions. We also ensure that every CREC Certified™ property has been cleared of any surrounding sensitive uses per the applicable local and state regulations. We go through countless continuous efforts to ensure that every property we deem CREC Certified™ is located in the correct zoning. Additionally, we confirm that the property will pass the sensitive use setback requirements from the local regulations relating to that specific use.


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