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My Ganja Gear is revolutionizing the world of Marijuana accessories! We're a global online marketplace where shoppers can find all of the best gear from HUNDREDS even THOUSANDS of vendors. In other words, we're the Amazon and eBay of Cannabis related products and accessories! My Ganja Gear was founded with the mission to make it quick and easy to get access to all Marijuana accessories as soon as they hit the market, and promote small businesses within the Cannabis community. Since we don't stock any of the products ourselves, there is no limit on the amount of products we can make available. By creating a platform where vendors can easily create, customize, and manage their own shop and products, we are providing a highly in demand solution to the industry. Finally, ONE place where shoppers can go to find every product imaginable. The ONLY place where ALL sellers can come together to bring the consumer every Marijuana accessory on the market! We're MORE than a head shop.


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