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We are the National Organization for Cannabis Compliance ("NOCC"). An organization that specializes in licensing, business development, networking, and advocacy in the cannabis industry. Our dedication to the success of our clients is paramount and has helped us build a strong foundation for our clients to launch from in strategic areas all across America. We provide accessible and streamlined solutions to common, but difficult problems individuals and companies face while navigating every aspect of complete cannabis compliance.

The NOCC consists of industry professionals including cannabis lawyers, property brokers and realtors, cannabis investors and financiers, government officials, cannabis business license holders, industry advocates, and more. Our strong research and development department has experience with permit applications and compliance across a wide range of jurisdictions throughout the United States. We pride ourselves in taking a holistic approach towards the industry and our skilled associates allow us to assist our clients with every facet of establishing and operating a commercial cannabis business in your state. With a broad network of industry associates, we are confident in our ability to expertly assist our clients with any and all of their compliance, licensing, business development, advocacy, investment, financing, and industry consulting needs.

Given the amount of foreseeable change in both State and Federal commercial cannabis legislation in the coming years, it will be imperative that established and prospective businesses stay abreast of the laws and regulations that go into effect in any and all areas of interest. Our ever-growing knowledge bank is accessible to our clients, while our associates are regularly checking the status of jurisdictions across the land and tracking any proposed changes by local legislatures as they arise.

Our services strive and succeed upon delivering the value of your greatest benefit within this industry as experts you need that get results you can trust. We look forward to working with you.


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