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$10 Million in Grant Funding Was Awarded to California Cannabis Communities

The Bureau of Cannabis Control announced on October 9, 2019 that it has awarded a total of $10 Million in funding to 10 commercial cannabis cities that are actively taking steps toward balancing the scales in their communities. 

California’s Social Equity program was created with the intention of assisting individuals and communities that have been negatively or disproportionally impacted by cannabis criminalization. In essence, it is supposed to help those who have felt the immediate, negative impact of the war against cannabis in communities where the plant is now legal and enable them to build the legal 420 businesses of their dreams.

The Social Equity Program Communities Are: 

• City of Los Angeles, which was awarded $1,834,156.38

• City of Oakland which was awarded $1,657,201.65

• County of Humboldt which was awarded $1,338,683.13

• City & County of San Francisco which were awarded $1,338,683.13

• City of Sacramento which was awarded $1,197,119.34

• City of Long Beach  which was awarded $913,991.77

• City of San Jose which was awarded $560,082.30

• County of Santa Cruz which was awarded $560,082.30

• City of Coachella which was awarded $500,000.00

• City of Palm Springs which was awarded $100,000.00

For more information about key Social Equity programs, read this first, then contact Green Consulting Partners for all your compliance, licensing and cannabis business needs. 

Matthew Thompson

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