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420 Real Properties Announces Cultivation, Manufacturing & Distribution Facility AND Dispensary Listings

420 Real Properties Facility for sale in Adelanto, CA

420 Real Properties is thrilled to announce our latest business listing; you are now able to purchase an award-winning, licensed facility in Adelanto, CA, as well as a licensed dispensary in Perris, CA.

It stands as a fully-profitable business, on a total of 8.1 developable acres, immediately available for purchase and includes cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and retail storefront licenses.

First, the cultivation facility is currently producing an average of 2 Lbs per light, at 170 lights, selling 300+ pounds of flower to generate over $600,000 in MONTHLY revenue.

Next, an existing distribution channel is the perfect funnel for placing your flower, concentrates, oils and whatever else you choose to develop in stores.

Then, a manufacturing license has been granted and plans have been accepted by the city of Adelanto. All that's left is to build on the 6.5 acres of land and get to work.

And with the dispensary; located in nearby Perris, CA, due to open shortly, you have the opportunity to control every aspect of your business. From clone to sale, you're in control and can ensure that everything is handled to the highest possible standard.

With the hardest parts of the process done: design, buildout, licensing, staffing, training, proof of product, and sales pipeline development...

You can take over and be running at full-speed the same day.


From seed to sale, you have full control over the process, enabling you to develop the precise, finely-tuned product you want to bring into the market.

It has been developed to support ongoing growth and expansion and includes: 

- 2,700 SQFT of licensed dispensary space in Perris, CA on 1.6 ACRES of land

- 12,000 SQFT of licensed canopy (Fully operational, averaging 2 Lbs/light)

- Another 8,000 SQFT of licensed canopy (Currently in development)

- An established, profitable licensed distribution pipeline

- Plans and license for an on-site manufacturing facility

- Approximately 6.5 ACRES of land for commercial development, greenhouses, housing + more

- A fully customizable nutrient infusion and fertilization system

- 4,000 gallon water tank on-site

- Hospital-grade reverse osmosis water filtration system with runoff-water capture and cleaning (saves thousands /month on your water bill)

- Hospital-grade air scrubbing and filtration systems

- All equipment in use at the time of purchase is included

- All in-progress plants that have not been harvested at the time of sale will be transferred to the new owner(s)

- The purchase option for all real estate being occupied by the business

- And MORE

Everything listed above, INCLUDING THE REAL ESTATE both businesses reside on is available for sale at $18,000,000 OBO

Contact our President and Broker, Paul K Thompson directly for more details at 949-916-0022 x402 and




420 Real Properties - Paul K. Thompson - CAL BRE # 00547210

Matthew Thompson

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