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420 Real Properties Announces 7 New Exclusive Listings

At a time when Southern California's commercial cannabis market is feeling a charge of growth and excitement, the cannabis-specific commercial real estate group, 420 Real Properties, announced that they have 7 new, exclusive listings ideally suited for cannabis businesses. 

In a conversation earlier last week, Matthew Thompson, 420 Real Properties' VP shared "We've seen quite a few 420 industry-specific real estate companies come and go over the last few years. It's been an exciting time of growth and yet, we have felt ebb and flow of traditional business cycles in a very real way. 

We believe that the upcoming opening of Los Angeles' 3rd application phase is bringing a new resurgence of energy and optimism to the industry and we are excited to still be here, helping cannabis businesses expand into new, emerging markets."

He went on to explain that compliance teams have been the largest proponent in expediting growth and licensing processes for their clients. 

"We recommend that every one of our clients work with a dedicated team to ensure the property they choose no only meets their needs but enables them to pursue a business with the highest likelihood of receiving local and state licenses. Green Consulting Partners has helped quite a few of our clients through the complex licensing process and has enabled them to worry less while focusing on building a thriving enterprise.

Recently, we've been approached by an abundance of owners throughout Southern California - and often hear from individuals across the country, who want to lease their space, sell a cannabis business license, or sell their property to a cannabis business. And as a result, we have recently added 7 exclusive listings as well as a handful of others that are in-process and will be available shortly. 

Our team has been working non-stop to ensure that our clients find the spaces they need and our listings find the individuals they need in order to thrive."

It's going to be exciting to see how LA's licensing process evolves, how Los Angeles County and Orange County cannabis businesses transform the landscape of this budding industry and how the rest of the country evolves alongside the industry.

They've recently added the following exclusive listings:

  1. 12,600 sf in Los Angeles at $19,440/M w/Cultivation License for sale at $890K
  2. 7,500 sf in Los Angeles at $10,500/M w/Cultivation License for sale at $690K
  3. 20,000 sf in Sonoma County w/ two 10,000 sf canopy licenses for sale at $290K
  4. 7,500 sf in North Hollywood at $2.50 PSF w/Cultivation License for sale at $700K
  5. 6,000 sf in Long Beach at $2.80 PSF w/Type 7 Manufacturing + Distribution Licenses for sale at $500K
  6. 11,077.5 sf in Loan Beach for lease at $3 PSF 
  7. 7,880 sf in Long Beach for lease at $3 PSF

And, they have a long list of available properties specifically-suited for 420 entrepreneurs throughout Southern California enabling their clients to build the businesses of their dreams.

Connect with their team at 949-916-0022 x407 or for more details. 

Matthew Thompson

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