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Are You Ready to Submit your Los Angeles Cannabis Retail Application?

The Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation will officially begin accepting licensing applications on September 3, 2019 at 10 AM. 

For what will stand as a 14-day *digital only* application window, you have the opportunity to secure one of the most sought-after cannabis business licenses in Southern California. 

Go Here to learn more about what is required through this process

Due to the nature of the number of anticipated applicants, individuals are encouraged to be prepared to submit all necessary documentation at 10 AM on the first day of the application window. 

It is our understanding that there will be priority given based on the time stamp of each received application. So, you'll want to have your application prepared and submitted as close to 10:00 AM as possible. 

The application window will remain open until 10:00 a.m., September 17, 2019. Applicants can prepare application information and documents ahead of time by visiting DCR’s website and by completing the application checklist before September 3, 2019.

Please note that the application process is only available online. Click here to access the DCR online portal.

If you're still looking for a licensing firm that can assist you in the process of preparing your application, our Expert Resource, Green Consulting Partners always comes highly recommended. They've assisted numerous businesses to achieve and maintain compliance and are ready and able to help you along your journey to running a licensed 420 business. 

For more insight into the licensing process, we recommend exploring the DCR's FAQ's regarding Phase 3 Licensing below:

Phase 3 Retail Round 1 Application FAQ

DCR has received numerous questions about Phase 3 Retail Round 1 Processing. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have a question that is not listed here, please reach out to DCR, available by email at, by phone at (213)-978-0738, and by visiting our public counter which is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Question: Can I PREPARE the required application forms and documents that are required to be uploaded as a part of the Phase 3 Retail Round 1 Application prior to September 3rd? 

Answer: Yes. Applicants are encouraged to review our Phase 3 Retail Round 1 Application Checklist and prepare required application information and documents in advance of the start of the Phase 3 Retail Round 1 application submission window on September 3rd.

Question: Can I UPLOAD the required application forms and documents for Phase 3 Retail Round 1 to my Accela account prior to September 3rd?

Answer: No.  All documents must be uploaded during the application process which will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

Question: Why can’t I log into my Accela account?

Answer:  On Wednesday, August 28, the Accela application portal was taken offline for scheduled maintenance in preparation for the Phase 3 Retail Round 1 application window.

Question: How should information on the Online Licensing Map be interpreted?

Answer: This map is for informational purposes only. The information displayed in this map is collected from sources outside of DCR's control, such as other government agency websites, and is subject to change without notice.  An applicant or potential applicant should not rely on the information on this map for confirmation that its proposed business premises meets the City’s zoning, sensitive-use, or undue concentration restrictions, or other regulations as established by local law. 

If DCR makes an initial determination that an applicant’s business premises is within a 700-foot radius of a sensitive-use, it will review the applicant’s radius map and allow the applicant to submit other evidence to demonstrate compliance with the City’s sensitive-use restrictions.

Question: Will DCR review an applicant’s application materials before they are submitted on September 3rd?

Answer: No. DCR does not review or pre-approve applications or application material. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure their application is complete at the time of submittal.

Question: Do I get priority over other applicants if I have been holding onto a property longer than other applicants?

Answer: No. While Phase 3 Retail Round 1 Processing was established in consideration of many stakeholders who may have been holding onto property for a considerable amount of time, all applications in Phase 3 Retail Round 1 will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Question: Do I have to apply for Phase 3 Retail Round 1 Processing in the areas identified as Disproportionately Impacted Areas in the City’s Social Equity Analysis?

Answer: No. You can apply for Phase 3 Retail Round 1 Processing  anywhere that meets the City's zoning and sensitive use restrictions. 

Question: Will applicants be scored on a point system?

Answer: Applications for Phase 3 Retail Round 1 Processing will reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis with the first 100 applications that meet all applicable requirements being eligible for further processing. Applicants are not scored on a point system.

Question: Will an applicant who applied for eligibility verification, but who has yet to be verified as a Tier 1 and/or Tier 2 Social Equity Applicant, be able to submit additional eligibility verification application information at a later date in order to participate in future Retail and Delivery application processing opportunities?

Answer: DCR will notify prospective Social Equity Applicants who submitted eligibility verification applications of the process to seek further DCR review.

Question: Can I apply for Phase 3 Retail Round 1 Processing if my Business Premises is located in a Community Plan that has determined to be an area of Undue Concentration?

Answer: No. Applicants with Business Premises located in Areas of Undue Concentration are ineligible for Phase 3 Retail Round 1 Processing. 

If your Business Premises is located in an Area of Undue Concentration, applicants must first receive a finding of Public Convenience or Necessity to have their Retail Type 10 License applications processed by DCR.

Question: If an applicant is not selected in Phase 3 Retail Round 1, can the applicant apply for future Retail and Delivery application processing opportunities afforded to verified Social Equity Applicants?

Answer: If an applicant is not selected in Phase 3 Retail Round 1, the applicant is free to apply for future Retail and Delivery application processing opportunities. 

Question: Can I add non-retail activities at my Phase 3 Retail Round 1 location at a later date?

Answer: Yes, if your location meets all zoning, sensitive-use, undue concentration, and all other requirements as established by local law, you may apply to add non-retail activities once DCR opens the appropriate application window. 

Question: When will the Delivery Pilot Program start?

Answer: The Delivery Pilot Program will start at a date to be determined by DCR. 

Question: Is there a resource to assist applicants understand how to demonstrate that a Tier 1 or Tier 2 Social Equity Applicant owns at least the minimum Equity Share in the Applicant (Business)?

Answer: Yes. Please review DCR’s Equity Share Guidance Document for information on how to demonstrate compliance with the Social Equity Program’s Equity Share requirements. 

Question: Can I apply as a sole proprietor? 

Answer: Yes, you are free to apply as a sole proprietor. 

Question: For required documents, are wet signatures required or is DocuSign acceptable?

Answer: Both wet signatures and DocuSign are acceptable.

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