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To Be or Not to Be… a Compliant 420 Business

Let’s face it, the cannabis black market still exists. 

Businesses are still flying under the radar, cultivating, manufacturing, distributing and selling weed wherever they can. 

And, while it can be tempting to look at the enormous amount of paperwork, red tape, and cost associated with building a legal, licensed 420 business and choose to set up shop without a license the reality is…

Illegal cannabis shops are getting shut down more often and faster than ever. 

A quick google search will show articles about raids on illegal pot shops across the country. 

It’s happening more often and on a wider scale than we’ve seen before for a few reasons:

First, local governments are putting a huge amount of time and effort into creating cannabis-specific ordinances, filing processes, regulatory bodies and structures to support the legal marijuana industry. 

Which means, they’re more motivated than ever to ensure that they aren’t letting unlicensed operators skirt by. 

Then, there is an entire community of 420 entrepreneurs who have gone through the process of finding compliant real estate, building a business, meeting their licensing requirements and staying in compliance. 

The last thing they want is an unlicensed operator taking their market share - they are actively turning in illegal shops to the authorities. 

Last, cannabis businesses are entering new markets in a very public way for the first time ever. 

With any change comes community resistance. If there’s an unlicensed business trying to fly under the radar, the conservative general public will do everything in their power to ensure illegal cannabis activity does not negatively impact their hometowns.

So, while becoming a licensed cannabis business isn’t a walk in the park, it is 100% essential for the long-term survival of your brand. 

And while it may be tempting to go through the process on your own, it’s not recommended. 

Nearly every legal city has defined their own specific criteria that will allow a cannabis business to qualify for licensing. 

Which is why it’s best to work with a firm that specializes in licensing and compliance who…

  • Knows and understands each city’s ordinance 
  • Knows what each city requires when submitting an application 
  • Has access to quality outside resources you’ll need in order to prepare your application
  • Understands how to best navigate the application process depending on where you want to be 
  • Has experience expediting cannabis business applications 
  • Will enable you to submit your applications without worrying that you missed a critical piece of the process
  • And really, so much more 

Not only will you have peace of mind because you’re not having to build an airplane while trying to keep it in the air… 

You’ll be able to focus on doing what you do best: building your business.

Cannabis-specific consulting firms like Southern California’s Green Consulting Partners enable you to rest assured that the make-or-break part of your business: licensing, is handled with professionalism and the utmost quality control. 

If you’re in the process of building a cannabis business and have already secured real estate, reach out to GCP today

At the very least, they'll give you a realistic expectation of what to expect when it comes time to apply. 

And who knows, they could be the reason you receive your license in record time. 

Either way, you win.

P.S.If you haven't been able to secure the cannabis-specific real estate you need and are struggling to find a space that works for your cultivation site, manufacturing facility, testing lab, retail storefront, delivery service, distribution hub, or microbusiness location...

We have an amazing partner who can help you there as well. 

Matthew Thompson

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