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Unlicensed Collectives Close Up Shop Across California

A couple days ago, California’s legal cannabis market got even smaller as licensing became even more essential.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control announced over a year ago that unlicensed medical marijuana collectives and co-ops would have to close their doors in the near future and on Wednesday, January 9th, they followed through on that promise. Unless they applied for and won a California Cannabis Business License prior to the 9th, all those collectives are now either closed or are operating illegally. 

This is the latest step along California’s journey to creating a refined, legal cannabis market and for any individual or business with plans to launch a cannabis empire in the state, serves as a reminder of just how important licensing is.  By working with a compliance expert like our Expert Resource, Green Consulting Partners, you can ensure that you are investing in the future of your business. From incorporation to state and local licensing, their team has helped countless business owners to fulfill their dreams of operating legally and in full-compliance throughout the United States. 

Without the right oversight from state and local governing bodies, cannabis retailers have the ability to sell whatever they want to patients. Gray and black market operators can choose to sell any product, regardless of how it was treated, what pesticides were used, how it was transported and what has grown on it since it was prepped for sale.

All of that to say, patients of these shops have no idea what they’re consuming. 

There will undoubtedly be illegal 420 businesses who choose to keep their doors open to patients. And, to combat them, the Bureau of Cannabis Control will likely be rolling out additional resources and efforts in conjunction with local law enforcement to make sure that unlicensed, illegal stores are shut down. 

If you’re a California cannabis patient and are curious whether your favorite shop is licensed, you can take a look at the BCC website. If they’ve received a CA state license, it’ll be listed. 

If you’re considering launching a 420 business, talk to the team at GCP

At the bare minimum, they will give you the insight you need in order to fully understand the licensing and compliance process so you don't have to fly blind.

TL;DR - Unlicensed cannabis collectives = BAD. Licensing = GOOD. 

Matthew Thompson

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